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Three Kingdoms Release Date, Setting and Platform Speculation

Creative Assembly, the developers behind the award winning Total War series have announced their latest project, Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Here is our round up of everything we know about the upcoming title.

All aboard the hype train!

When will Total War: Three Kingdoms be released?

The release date is set for the autumn of 2018, so we don’t have long to wait! Creative Assembly have a fantastic track record when it comes to firm release dates and their games being up to scratch when they arrive.

What platforms will Total War: Three Kingdoms feature on?

Although nothing has yet been announced officially, it would be safe to assume that Total War: Three Kingdoms will be coming to PC only. The scale of the game is something that only a desktop computer really has the power to handle, although we would love to see it on console too!

What style of gameplay will Total War: Three Kingdoms contain?

The Total War series features a hybrid of turn based grand strategy, and RTS gameplay.

The majority of the game is played on the grand map, where you control the movements of armies, the development of towns and cities, and the political tools to meet your faction’s campaign goals. When diplomacy fails (which happens fairly often) you can use your armies to attack your opponent’s forces or settlements, and you are brought into an RTS style battle where you control individual units and heroes on the battlefield.

Where and when is Total War: Three Kingdoms set?

The game will, unsurprisingly, be set in the Three Kingdoms era of ancient China, around 220 to 280 AD. This period in Chinese history is very popular and has already been the focus of several art forms from books and TV, to films and games. The Dynasty Warriors series of games was set in this area, along with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series as well.

Known as one of the bloodiest times in Chinese history, the period has a Game of Thrones feel to it with large battles, betrayals, heroes and villains spanning across the 60 year period.

The three Kingdom’s in question are Wei, Shu and Wu. China was split into these three factions after than fall of the Han dynasty. Each faction features its own heros and personality, and everyone will have their favourite.

Creative Assembly has come out with hit after hit over the past few years, and to see them diving into this time in history with so much lore and content to explore has us very excited.

The moment we get our hands on it, you guys will be the first to know.

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