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Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Chair

The Acer Predator line has never constrained itself with notions of modesty or subtlety and it’s certainly not turning over a new leaf with the introduction of the new Predator Thronos Gaming Chair.

This particular gaming chair is a 500-lb steel and metal monstrosity with room for triple 27-inch monitors to be mounted around the user as they take seat in this gaming throne. There are spaces for your mouse and keyboard, the seat reclines and has vibration support along with a control pad to adjust the angle of its tilt. It even comes with a footrest and the whole thing lights up like a Christmas tree.

Practicality is certainly not the focus here as this particular battle station doesn’t have a price tag just yet but is almost certainly not going to be what most people would describe as ‘reasonable’.

While this is an original Acer product there are some striking similarities, some might even say remarkable, to the IMPERATOR WORKS IWR1 chair. If the price is going to be in the same range, we’re looking at the $3000 – $4000 mark.

If you have the money and the desire, then you’ll just need to work out where to put it next.

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