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Microsoft unveils extremely limited Michael Jordan Xbox One X

Microsoft has unveiled an extremely red limited edition Xbox One X to coincide with the launch of the new Air Jordan III Retro U trainers. If you’re a basketball or sneaker fan it’s going to cause some serious lust, with matching controllers all embossed with the Jordan logo (via The Verge)

The collaboration between Microsoft and Nike coincides with the start of the NBA All-Star weekend event in Chicago.

If your eyes are lighting up at the prospect of dropping some cash on this limited edition console, then you’ll have to rethink as it appears it can only be won as part of a giveaway. The below tweet explains the rules badly as it happens, as in the terms and conditions it states you have to retweet the tweet and include the hashtag #Xboxsweepstakes to enter. You also have to follow the official @Xbox account. 

Limited edition consoles are no new thing. Nintendo recently caused a stir by announcing a limited Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch.

But the fact you can’t even buy the Jordan Xbox will surely make it a very sought after collectors’ item.

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