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Nintendo Japan opens colourful build your own Switch orders

Nintendo Japan has opened a built to order page for the Switch, letting buyers choose from ten colours of Joy-Con controllers and seven colours of Joy-Con straps (via Engadget). 

Previously if you wanted a Switch with different colour Joy-Cons you most likely had to seek out special edition releases or buy extra Joy-Cons later down the line. The only colour choices with the console are usually all-grey or blue and red.

This new scheme is the perfect way to pick some zany colour combinations and might mean you have a one of a kind Joy-Con and strap combo.

I personally think my above selection is pretty perfect, so fight me. I’ll admit it’s a tad annoying that there are fewer colours for the straps, but it looks as though this might be the only way to get some of these colours at all.

The process lets you add cases, SD cards and games at point of purchase to create your ideal bundle. Buyers can even pick the slightly older Switch model if they prefer, netting a ¥3,000 voucher in the process, but most should pick the newer Switch which has better battery life.

The whole thing reminds us of the versatility of the original Switch design after the hype surrounding the Switch Lite, a console which isn’t as nearly customisable given it’s handheld-only design.

Fingers crossed this buying option comes to the rest of the world, but we wouldn’t be surprised it it stays a Japan exclusive.

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