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Sony launches a PlayStation bug bounty program

Sony has announced it is now running a bug bounty program for PlayStation to encourage people to report potential security flaws of the platform. Previously this bounty scheme was only open to private researchers, but now anyone is eligible for a reward.

The program is being run with security platform HackerOne. The official site categorises issues into ‘PlayStation Network’ and ‘PlayStation 4’ with rewards ranging from $100 and up. Bounties start at $50,000 for some critical issues.

Apple famously has a similar program that encourages amateur and professional bug hunters to report flaws to the company for monetary reward.

Given Sony unveiled the PS5 recently, the company will be hoping that its next-gen console launches with as little disruption as possible. This new program could be rolling out in the hope the company can catch any last minute bugs before the new console drops later this year.

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