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Report claims Microsoft was due to announce Xbox Series S in June

Microsoft was originally planning to unveil a second version of its upcoming Xbox at E3 in June before the show was cancelled.

According to Eurogamer, the Xbox Series S will now be announced in August as a lower-powered, cheaper alternative to the already-announced flagship Xbox Series X console.

“The original plan was to showcase the Xbox Series S as part of Xbox’s big E3 2020 show,” the report said. It was planned this way “so the proposition of a cheaper next-gen option could be explained properly, sat alongside the graphical powerhouse provided by the beefier Series X, both playing the same next-gen games.”

Microsoft has reportedly instead decided to showcase the Series S in August as part of its ongoing Xbox 20/20 marketing plan. Xbox 20/20 was meant to have a monthly announcement but as of today there is still no June episode.

If accurate, it shows how much the coronavirus has and will continue to disrupt the technology industry’s plans. Microsoft decided it could not best communicate both the Series X and S at the same time, and has chosen to stagger the announcements

The X and S names would make sense and continue the branding of the Xbox One S and One X, with the S the regular console and the X the higher-spec version.

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