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Razer launches its universal Kishi Android gaming controller

Razer has announced the Kishi, an adjustable USB-C gaming controller for Android phones. The company claims it is universal and will fit “most smartphone devices”. It uses Samsung Galaxy S20 phones in the promotional materials but is a massive improvement from the Razer Junglecat that was only compatible with four phones and not even the original Razer Phone. 

Of course it relies on a few things, such as the dimensions of your phone and the necessity for the USB-C (not micro-USB) port to be centralised on the bottom edge of the device. But the Kishi’s extendable, corner hugging design should prove compatible with the majority of modern devices (a Lightning iOS version is coming in the summer).

The Kishi was showcased at CES in January and won two best in show awards. Razer says the controller “virtually eliminates input lag” thanks to the USB-C connection – rival controllers that rely on Bluetooth sometimes suffer from latency issues.

The controller has a similar layout, and indeed looks similar when connected to a phone, as the Nintendo Switch. There’s also a thoughtful passthrough port to let you charge your phone as you play which you will need in long sessions given the controller draws power from your phone.

Razer is selling the Kishi now for £79.99/$79.99/€89.99. 

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