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How To Move Steam Games To Another Hard Drive

Steam games can take up an awful lot of space on your hard drive, and a long-time headache for PC gamers has been manually shuffling around and deleting old games in order to make room for newer titles. But while this was once a complicated process that required the use of third-party software, Steam now offers a quick and easy way to move your games between drives without any risk of corruption or loss of data. Here’s how.

How to move Steam games to another drive

While once upon a time you’d have to use third-party software to move Steam games between drives, Steam now offers the functionality built-in. It’s not as simple as selecting a new location though; first, you’ll have to create a second Steam folder on the drive you want to move the games to.

Create a new Steam Library Folder

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that you’ll have to pause any downloads while you make changes to the Steam Library folders.

Once you’ve paused your current downloads, head to Steam > Settings > Downloads and select the “Steam Library Folders” button.

In the pop-up window, click “Add Library Folder” and select the drive you want to create the new library folder. Next, click “New Folder” and name it anything – we recommend “SteamGames” so the folder is easily identifiable. Once you’ve named the folder, click “OK” and then click “Select” to choose the folder you just created.

The folder you selected should then appear in the list of Steam Library folders – if that’s the case, click close to exit the Settings menu.

Move Games to the new Steam Library

Now you’ve got your secondary Steam library set up, you can now move games from one disk to the other without worrying about corrupting your game data.

To do this, locate the game you want to move in your Steam Library, right-click it and click “Properties”.

In the Properties menu, click the “Local Files” tab and select “Move Install Folder”. This will open a new pop-up window; select your new Steam library and click “Move Folder” to initiate the process.

And that’s it! Simply repeat the process as required when you want to move your Steam games between drives. It’s also worth pointing out that you can now also change the install location whenever you install games on Steam going forward.  

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