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EA shows off Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay

EA has unveiled tons of details on the upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons flight sim game as part of the company’s Play Live event. The game has a single player mode where you can switch between a fighter pilot for both the Empire and the New Republic, advancing your career and the story through a series of daredevil missions alongside your colleagues.

With eight ships available and around 50 upgrades that you pick up during the game, there’s also a great looking online multiplayer mode to fully reap carnage on your enemies.

Multiplayer has a simple dogfight mode, but the best part looks like fleet battles, the main ‘multi-stage’ mode that has you and your online pals plot, plan and execute a battle over its many phases.

All the action takes place in the cockpit and the game will hopefully be a worthy addition to the Star Wars canon after the success of older franchises like Rogue Squadron and Battlefront.

The game is available on 2 October for PS4, Xbox One, Origin PC, Steam, Epic Games Store and VR on PS4 and PC with cross-play support.

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