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Xbox Series X May Launch on 6 November

It was only yesterday that Microsoft confirmed a November release for the upcoming Xbox Series X, and already two separate leaks have pointed towards a specific date: 6 November.

Both leaks come from the controllers for the upcoming console, just days after a fan got hold of one early and discovered that the packaging confirmed the existence of the rumoured cheaper Xbox Series S variant.

The Verge’s Tom Warren shared an image of what is allegedly a store shipment of the new controllers, with clear instructions to not sell or display the contents before 6 November 2020.

That’s backed up by a screenshot posted to Resetera of what is allegedly the online warranty page for one of the leaked gamepads.

The site lists a 5 November 2021 end date for the Microsoft Limited Warranty. Since that limited warranty by default lasts for one year from purchase, it does look like 6 November is expected to be the first date of sales.

In any case we now know for sure that the Series X will arrive some time in November, though it won’t be joined by its flagship game. Expected launch title Halo Infinite has now been delayed to 2021, putting pressure on Microsoft to persuade gamers to upgrade come the end of the year.

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