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Metro Exodus Tips and Tricks

Metro Exodus is the first in the series to take Artyom and the Spartan Rangers out of the dark tunnels of the Mosco Metro system and into irradiated Russia, providing a handful of open world environments across all four seasons to explore. Exploring the surface provides a range of new experiences and encounters for players, and there are a number of series firsts (including drivable vehicles and on-the-go craftable filters) so players new and old will find the game exciting and challenging.

There’s an emphasis on challenging, as the game is rather punishing – take a look at our Metro Exodus review to see what we mean. You can’t go all-guns-blazing into a bandit camp or you’ll end up dead. Quickly. Instead, you have to use observation, stealth and skill to overcome your enemy and explore the deadly open world environments the game offers.

While it might be daunting, we’ve got you covered; we’ve played a lot of Metro Exodus, and here are our top tips and tricks to become the ultimate post-apocalyptic explorer.

Take your time, explore

Always carry a variety of weapons

Be observant

Scavenge everything

Stealth is key

Time of day matters


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