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Logitech Reveals the Colourful G733 Lightspeed Headset

When it comes to gaming peripherals, most headsets, keyboards and mice look broadly similar, right? They’re dark, angular, fierce-looking accessories usually packed full of LEDs, and although there are different styles among manufacturers, it’s easy to look at a headset and say “yeah, that’s for gamers”. It seems Logitech is all too aware of this, wanting to break away from the norm with the release of its new G-Series Colour Collection and, in particular, the G733 Lightspeed wireless gaming headset.  

The company’s latest gaming headset is available in White, Blue, Lilac and Black, allowing gamers – and streamers in particular – to put more emphasis on the colours they use when gaming, and the pop of colour even extends to the mic covers, which are swappable. It’s certainly a step up from the greys, whites and blacks traditionally used with gaming headsets, but Logitech didn’t stop at simply offering new colour options.  

There’s also a new colourful headband suspension system to give the headset a blast of colour as well as improve the overall comfort over longer gaming sessions. The headband is reversible, offering dual looks, and additional designs can be bought separately to further personalise your headset.  

“We set out to design a full-featured headset that lets people show off their personalities,” said Tiffany Beers, head of audio engineering at Logitech G. “The G733 and available accessories do just that. It’s a reliable, high-quality gaming headset that fits with your environment and lets you display your individual expression without compromising on technology.” 

Vibrant colour options aside, the G733 Lightspeed looks to be a fully-fledged gaming headset, complete with detachable mic powered by Blue VOICE technology, Logitech’s Pro-G drivers and DTS Headphone X 2.0 surround sound support to fully immerse you in the game. It’s also wireless, giving the headset a cleaner look without compromising on response time thanks to the company’s proprietary Lightspeed wireless technology. 

The G733 Lightspeed may be a little expensive at £129.99, but if you’re serious about game streaming and carving out your own style, it might be a worthy purchase once it’s released in September. You’ll also be able to pick up the G203 and G305 gaming mice and G915 TKL keyboard in the new colour options when the collection is released next month. 

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