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Cyber Week is here! These deals are the best available right now, though you may need to be quick as some will sell out.

While it’s pretty easy to pick up a PS4, sometimes it’s worth splashing out a little extra on a limited edition version of the console. Limited edition consoles usually boast unique designs and features, from the Norse-inspired detailing on the PS4 God of War Edition to the ‘Amazing Red’ console inspired by Spider-Man. They often come with a game or two too.

Besides looking amazing, limited edition consoles are just that – limited edition. And once all the stock has been sold, limited edition consoles can be sold at a much higher price. We’ve seen limited edition consoles like the 20th anniversary PS4 sell for well over the original price because stock was so scarce.

Here, we list some of the best limited edition PS4s on the market in 2018, and some to look forward to in future too.

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Pro

PS4 Days of Play Edition

PS4 Days of Play Edition

God of War PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro God of War Edition

PS4 Pro Kingdom Hearts III Edition


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