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Is Genshin Impact Coming To Switch And Xbox?

If you’re a fan of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you may be interested in Genshin Impact – a very similar RPG game from devloper MiHoYo that also boasts multiplayer, as well as numerous playable characters. But the main draw of this game is that it’s free to play.

Genshin Impact is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4 and mobile. But will this new open-world game be coming to Nintendo Switch or Xbox One? Here’s everything you need to know. We also have similar articles for Fall Guys and Among Us.

You can head to the Genshin Impact website to download the game on your chosen platform. 

Is Genshin Impact coming to the Nintendo Switch?

There’s good news for Switch players – as Genshin Impact has been confirmed to come out on both Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite in the near future. This was revealed in an interview with the developer on Game Rant.

There’s currently no confirmed release date for this platform, but it’s unlikely to be this year, as a Beta will still have to come first. Once we get further confirmation, we’ll update this article.

Is Genshin Impact coming to Xbox One?

Sadly, the news isn’t as good for Xbox One players. In the same interview with Game Rant, the developer said that there is “no plans” to create a version for Xbox One at this current time.

This could potentially change in the future, but if you really want to play Genshin Impact, its best to do it on another platform for now. However, if you plan on getting the Xbox Series X/S (or the PS5), then you’re in luck.

Is Genshin Impact coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S?

Genshin Impact will be coming to both next-gen consoles, as reported by Twinfinite. Again, a release date for this was unspecified.

The game is considered ‘live-service’, which means that the team will be continuously developing new updates and features based on feedback from users. So, we imagine there will be lots of existing fixes and new content before we see anything of a next-gen port.

When we hear more about a date for this release, we’ll update this article.

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