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14 Amazing PS4 and PS4 Pro Tips & Tricks

Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro are both hugely popular consoles, arguably winning the console war against Microsoft’s Xbox One S and Xbox One X – especially when you consider that Sony’s offering is also compatible with the company’s PlayStation VR headset.

But while the console offers a plethora of cool features, many of these get pushed to the side and forgotten about – some which may even enhance your everyday PS4 experience. Here, we share a few tips, tricks and hidden features that’ll help you get the most out of your PS4 or PS4 Pro.

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Reduce light bar brightness

Redeem codes on your mobile

Make wired headphones wireless

Turn on PS4 and TV at the same time

Play from anywhere

Use the Vita as an extra controller

Show off your skills

Show off your skills live

Edit videos on your PS4

Voice commands


Listen to Spotify

Remotely download games

Appear offline


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