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How to get Strange Eggs in Pokémon GO

These days there’s almost never a lull in Pokémon GO. Events run back to back almost constantly and now there’s another one to introduce a new feature: Strange Eggs.

Effectively the same as normal Eggs, but requiring 12km of walking to hatch, the real difference is how you get Strange Eggs.

Instead of from a PokéStop or Gym – or as a reward for walking a certain distance during the week – Strange Eggs are obtained by defeating a Team GO Rocket leader.

To do that, you’ll need a Rocket Radar in order to track down and defeat one of the three leaders, Cliff, Sierra or Arlo. And to get a Radar, as you probably  know, you must amass six mysterious Components. You get one of these for each Grunt you defeat, and they can be found at black Team GO Rocket PokéStops or Balloons.

These Balloons are appearing more frequently until 19 October for the autumn event, as is Giovanni. Don’t forget to zoom out on the map as sometimes you might miss a Balloon because it’s out of view.

Fortunately, during the event, Strange Eggs will hatch after only 3km (or 2km if placed in a Super Incubator) thanks to the ¼ hatch distance that is in effect for the event. After that, they will need the full 12km, or 8km in a Super Incubator.

Remember that you need to have space for an Egg before starting a leader battle, otherwise you won’t receive one. Annoyingly, there is still no option to delete Eggs in Pokémon GO, so you will have to hatch one. Plus, once you have hatched at least one Egg, avoid opening Gifts or spinning PokéStops or Gyms which might fill that space with a new Egg.

Which Pokémon are in Strange Eggs?

  • NEW: Vullaby
  • NEW: Pawniard
  • NEW: Sandile
  • Trubbish
  • Scraggy
  • Larvitar (can be shiny)
  • Deino (can be shiny)
  • Absol (can be shiny)

Vullaby, Pawniard and Sandile are making their debuts in Pokémon GO, but the Eggs can also contain Deino, Scraggy, Trubbish, Larvitar and Absol. So, you may be unlucky and not get one of the new Pokémon, but at least Absol can be shiny.

This helpful infographic by Miko (and found on The Silph Road on Reddit) shows the perfect IVs for each hatch, as well as the evolutions of the three new Pokémon along with the candy required.

Image: Miko via TheSilphRoad / G2G Media / Legends

If you haven’t spotted it already, there’s new Special Research for the event called An Inter-egg-sting Development. If you didn’t buy a ticket for GO Fest back in the summer, then it’s your chance to defeat Giovanni and get Shadow MewTwo.

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