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Best free Switch games 2020

Games are expensive; it’s no secret and no surprise to long-time gamers that the average AAA title costs upwards of £60. Despite the premium associated with most quality games, however, there are, in fact, a wealth of offerings from reputable developers that are up for grabs for absolutely nothing.

With the current state of affairs and the fact that you’re reading this article, there’s a strong chance you recently decided to pick up a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, or better yet, you already own one. Either way, perhaps now more than ever, you’re on the hunt for new games to sink your teeth into but at the same time, trying to look after your bank balance.

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Thankfully, there are plenty of games available for the Nintendo Switch that are completely free and here we take you through some of our favourites, which you can pick up from the Nintendo eShop, right now.


Asphalt 9: Legends

Tetris 99


Fallout Shelter

The caveat with some of these titles, such as Tetris 99, is that they require a subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service. The downside is that such a subscription does cost money, the upside is that it’s far less than the price of an actual game.

Out the gate, Nintendo offers a seven-day free trial of NSO, so you don’t have to fork anything out until after that initial week, at which point you have the option of one, three or twelve-month plans to choose between, costing £3.49, £6.99 (equivalent to £2.33 a month) and £17.99 (equivalent to a fraction less than £1.50 a month), respectively (based on individual membership pricing).

As well as support for online multiplayer, exclusive in-game content and other connected services, opting for Nintendo Switch Online also grants you access to both a NES and SNES emulator, meaning you have even more games to get stuck into once you’ve exhausted the titles on this list.

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